Crimson Daze

More gang than band, the Frenchies from Crimson Daze have been roaming their skinny slim trousers on over 300 stages across the country since 2005.

Since then, they venture deeper into their favorite ground, led by a valuable cause : reviving Rock'n Roll and redeeming the well-known wiggle of the hips and the telluric chords of the mythical Led Zeppelin. Don't expect a weak imitation where the only similarities would lie in the outfits. With a classical duet as backing, Crimson Daze stays on the well-traveled road but mapping out new terrain.

All songs in the set are high explosive materials paying a genuine and accurate homage to Led Zeppelin, a tribute as faithful as their admiration.

Jane Savary

The Team :

Vocals : Mike Mieux
Guitar : Manu Bichon
Bass : Fred Lucas
Drums : Hibu Corbel
Cello : Erwan Martinerie
Alto Violin : Jean 2 Moreau
Violin : Stephanie Blet
Violin : Jenny Galvao
Sound : Richard Guinouet